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 "Yvonne's life coaching is excellent for showing how you can find your goals and overcome obstacles that you perhaps weren't aware were there. It teaches you how to teach yourself to focus in order to achieve your goals."

GS, Operations Manager, West Yorkshire



Personal Coaching

Coaching can help you establish where you want to be in life and how to get there.

The YCCoaching team of qualified coaches will inspire, motivate and support you in your journey towards your own personal goals – these might be focused on your lifestyle, confidence, well-being, relationships or career development.

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You may have seen some of Yvonne Castle's excellent coaching tips in the Thursday editions of the daily Huddersfield Examiner. If you missed them or would like to take another look, they are now available here. Try them out, grab a cuppa, some paper and a pen and enjoy your journey down the path to your success. Drop me an email at to let me know how they work for you.

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Week 1 - What Coaching is (and isn't!)

Week 2 - Identify the area of life you most want to change

Week 3 - A step-by-step plan

Week 4 - Barriers that get in the way

Week 5 - Plan a positive career and manage changes

Week 6 - It's never too late to start

Week 7 - Learning how to be positive

Week 8 - Make time to plan your life - it really works