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Customer Feedback- Corporate

 “I asked Yvonne to do some coaching with members of my team. She was really effective at getting to the heart of how best the individuals could learn more about themselves, move forward and achieve both their own and the organisation’s goals.”
 RN, Yorkshire

“Yvonne’s ability to help you to help yourself is amazing. Her expertise allows you to identify what really matters to you personally and professionally, enabling you to reflect on what you have already achieved and what you will achieve in the future. It’s simple but powerful stuff and really works.” 
DF, Yorkshire 

“Yvonne‘s style is energetic, motivational, fun, pragmatic and totally tailored around your objectives. My key objective was to identify and develop opportunities and generate income in my business. Following the work I’ve done with Yvonne I have generated and realised numerous business opportunities in 2011. My approach to life and work has been positively transformed as a result of my coaching sessions.  I would strongly recommend Yvonne, she is truly an  inspiration.” 
TN, Managing Director, Yorkshire 

 “The coaching I had with YCChange has been extremely inspirational and has helped me recognize and celebrate my current strengths as well as identifying the key leadership and management competencies I wished to develop further. The coaching style was challenging but in a good way as it made me really delve into   issues to find the right solutions going forward. This has helped me set out a clear development plan to help me develop in my current role but also support my aspiration to progress with my career. The coaching has also helped me outside the work environment as I have applied some of the principals I learnt in my personal life to great effect. ”
SS, North Yorkshire


Customer Feedback- Personal

“Yvonne's courses are affordable and effective!  I would highly recommend   them if you have even the slightest desire to improve your own performance!”
PK, Managing Director, Doncaster

"The coaching event was fantastic and has really given me the motivation to reach my goals."
DF, Business Centre Manager, West Yorkshire

"Dig deep and grow!" 
GGC, Public Health, North West

"The event was just what I needed as I start up my own business, clarifying goals and actions to get there."
IS, Managing Director, Cheshire

"I really enjoyed the taster session, it indicated to me the benefits of taking some facilitated time to focus on goals. Yvonne has a really engaging and practical approach."
AL, Director of Strategic Services, West Yorkshire

"As with most "blokes", I would have to confess that the concept of Coaching was something that was lost on me prior to my contact with Yvonne and her team. I expected to find the introductory session that I attended informative and enlightening, and indeed it was. But more importantly, I left having "bought into" the concept, and could see a route forward through the issues I am facing."
JW, Finance Director, Charitable Organisation, Cheshire

"For the run up to the YCChange coaching event I could not see how I could fit coaching (thinking about myself) into my busy life style when I had so many others to think about, after just this one evening I was surprised how powerful taking a step back and some time to myself could reflect on this so called busy lifestyle. I have made myself plans and some small changes to get towards my goals and can see a light at the end of the tunnel, thanks to this session with Yvonne and Julie, thank you very much, life does not appear to be so busy now"
LH, Small Business Owner, West Yorkshire

“I have to say of all my various ventures into getting business coaching this is the one system that actually makes sense and works for me and my business. It's a unique system that uses clever alliteration "The Six Ps" to break up the complicated thinking and running of any business and it's issues into understandable sections. It's especially useful if like me you haven't done a degree in business management. 

Each section in The 6Ps is then analysed in detail, and by breaking them down, and with discussion and positive a_ctions it's possible to find workable solutions to most business challenges. This is a point further proved by the fact that Yvonne works with corporate clients and individuals with equal success.

I'm really looking forward to working in and on my business, and now I have a focus, I can begin to see what I need to be doing to get the results I crave. Thanks Yvonne.”

Ruth, Managing Director, Lancashire